Sik-K (식케이) – H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun) (Full)

Sik-K (식케이) – H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun) Genre: Rap / Hip-hop Release Date: 2017.06.05.

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Track List 01. 너의 밤 (Your Night) (Prod. BOYCOLD) 02. 이어폰 (Earphone) (Prod. BOYCOLD) 03. 내일 모레 (Get That Money) (Prod. BOYCOLD) 04. EX (Feat.

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SIK-K (식케이) / artist playlist

In terms of advertisements: As mentioned previously in my community tab, I do not monetise ANY of my videos AND I do not earn anything from ANY of my ...

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Sik-K(식 케이)의 트렌디한 노래 모음

정말 닿을 것만 같은 거린데 닿진 않는 곳에 너가 서있네 첫 인상이 중요해 내 머리엔 1. 이어폰 (Earphone) (Prod. BOYCOLD) 2. RING RING (Feat. 개코) 3. 랑데뷰...

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[ playlist : sik-k ] everything is going to be burnt, even our memory.

[ playlist : sik-k ] everything is going to be burnt, even our memory. ✎ ɴᴏᴛᴇs hello everyone this is my first playlist video here. i hope you enjoy this video and ...

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Sik-K - I Call It Love

Sik-K - I Call It Love https://soundcloud.com/lyr_98/sik-k-i-call-it-love.

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Artist: Sik-K (식케이) Album: Boycold Released: 2017.09.21 Tracklist: 1. Your Night (너의 밤) 0:00 2. Earphone (이어폰) 3:24 3. Get That Money (내일 모레) 6:43 4 ...

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✧Unboxing Sik-K FL1P ✧

I kinda went a bit extra with Minsik's background lol i just love this whore so much :,) Comment below your favorite song/s of this album~ $Purchased this album ...

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식케이 Sik-K 인생곡 playlist

거의 1시간이죠 이 정도면 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 요즘 사는 게 바빠서 유튜브도 못하는데 오늘 쉬는 날이라서 만들어 봤숨다 ㅎㅅㅎ.

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Unboxing Sik-K (식케이) - Boycold Album

Unboxing Sik-K (식케이) EP Korean Album Vol.3 (Boycold) I bought from Ktown4u. This album have only CD.Produced by Boycold.❤ H1GHR MUSIC.❤ Track ...

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(1 hour) Sik K - ADDICT

혼자 들을꼬야.

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라비 (RAVI) - LIMITLESS (Feat. Sik-K, Xydo (시도)) (Prod. YUTH) MV

Available on iTunes, Apple Music : https://apple.co/34SvSfW Listen on Spotify : https://spoti.fi/34OTPEO 라비 (RAVI) - LIMITLESS (Feat. Sik-K, Xydo (시도)) (Prod.

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[MV] Whee In(휘인) _ EASY (Feat. Sik-K)

[MV] Whee In(휘인) _ EASY (Feat. Sik-K) *English subtitles are now available. (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) [Notice] ...

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'섹시오토튠' 식케이(Sik-K) 노래모음

0:00 Sik-K (식케이) - RING RING (Feat. 개코) 3:26 pH-1 - Penthouse (Feat. Sik-K) (Prod. APRO) 7:17 Sik-K (식케이) - party(SHUT DOWN)(feat. 크러쉬(Crush)) ...

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Sik-K FL1P Album // Unboxing

Hi everyone! I'm back with my unboxing video & this time it's Sik-K turn as I am so into him these days! hehe. Hope you guys enjoy! Go listen to his full album in ...

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Sik-K(식케이) - FL1P Album Unboxing yay

Sik-K - FL1P 1st FULL ALBUM UNBOXING Release date : 2019.02.26 Track list : 1. FLIP : FL1P (Prod. Girlnexxtdoor) 2. NOIZY (Prod. GroovyRoom)*title 3.

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Sik-K (식케이) - EX (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) (Prod. BOYCOLD) lyrics (HANGUL/ROMANIZATION/ENGLISH)

sik-k ex ft chacha malone eng sub/ translation the album is so good im snatched s0z probs wont be able to upload for like 2 months tbh bc exams and then i'll be ...

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Reacting to Sik-K's FL1P Album [^0^]''

SIK-K!!! My favorite rapper, Minsik, released this fire album and I wanted to react to it because I love all of his music. FL1P! Listen to it! Also, can't wait to see him ...

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